Versioning / History

Is there any possibility to highlight changes on a card? I think of the principle of the Feynman Method as a use case.
I would start to jot down everything I know on a specific topic and would add information I didn’t know … then it would be super useful if those could be highlighted and those I deleted after could be highlighted with a strike through maybe.

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I like the idea and github does it also very well with histories :blush:

I often have multiple cards for the same topic with some minor changes, just in case I need to go back With a history, this wouldn’t be necessary, I would save some cards and my structure would be a bit better

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I like GitHub as well :slight_smile:

As you mentioned it … maybe it’s possible as kind of a workaround. You have a card in SN and export it as markdown - then you could upload this to GitHub and manage your version control there.
For me it could be a good alternative because then I could use GitHub projects for planning my learning sessions.

Beside that it would be helpful to have an implemented history.

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