Web bookmarks / Link image previews


It would be great to be able to pull some metadata from the links I drop on cards.

If it’s a tweet seing an embeded version of it and if it’s a plain link perhaps pulling title, description and meta image like notion’s web bookmark component.



This is a great idea @ferminrp.

Once we have our new editor out, we will look into supporting oembed!


A lot of my notes seems to be just links-from-the-internet with some tags and optional notes for quick find.

I think when I add link (paste), Supernotes should detect it and instead of creating note with link in the content, it can create a “special” not with pre-generated content, eg:

  • title generated from website <title> (can be changed)
  • first content line generated from meta description
  • link pasted in the content
  • favicon scrapped and used?

Also Notion’s bookmark-style would be good


Hi @lkostrowski, great suggestion!

This has been mentioned previously and is already on our roadmap – Twitter embeds and web bookmark "block". We will be adding this once we have our new editor out.

(I am merging these two feature requests together)


bumping this back up now that the new editor is out. different embedded types of media (Twitter, audio, etc) would be a great addition.


I would love for there to be some sort of Rich Links instead of just a link with a link. It doesn’t need to be an embed, but something just a little bit more visual.

Here is what Craft’s look like:


We’re big fans of keeping Supernotes fast and minimalist with the pure Markdown format. However you’re right it’s quite useful to have a little preview of the link before you open it. Our current thinking is that this will auto render for links which are standalone on a new line; we could also add support for internal card links as well with little previews.

This is also related to Improving UX through Unfurling Links.

I’m marking this as under consideration for now, but if there’s enough interest we’ll bump up the priority (go like Jospeh’s post above if you’d want this) :slight_smile:


I wish I had an image of it, but old RemNote had a super minimal link view where it was pretty much just the Title of the link and it had something like the favicon at the beginning. Because yeah, a huge rick link would definitely not fit the aesthetic of the app, but just some sort of differentiation would be cool. Thanks!

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Look at Notion’s mention style links and Atlassian’s inline links. They’re the best IMO. The perfect balance.


Any news on this? Would be great to embed tweets in supernotes


Now we have dedicated Supernotes apps for all devices, this year we will be focusing on further developing our API, integrations and linking to external sources including Web bookmarks and Web clipper.

This won’t just be a tack-on solution though and we have plans to make this a lot more fluid than conventional bookmarks, so it will be a little while before it will be released – but it will be worth the wait!