What breaks the flow in a creation scenario

Consider a scenario where you edit a card in the noteboard, and, while doing so, cut the currently shown parent from that card.


What if I decide that after editing the card’s contents, tags and parents, I would like to pin or like the card, or alter its visibility? Well, I’d have to finish editing mode first. But this makes the card disappear, and so, before making the desired change, I first need to rediscover the card somehow.

Admittedly, this is a not-so-common scenario. However, something similar happens to me quite frequently when I want to make a card priority after assigning a parent to a card in thoughts (same effect: card is gone after save).

Admittedly, it doesn’t cause too much pain. Still, it is a slight hiccup in an otherwise flowy experience.

Anyone else feels this es well? Ideas for mitigation?

Ah this is a very good point @freisatz. Some suggestions:

  • On desktop I just navigate straight to Home which is organised by last edited, so I can use Cmd / Ctrl + Shift +Enter, and then down arrow to focus on the correct card, and then open the Universal Search > Interact with > Type the desired visibility here.
  • You could emulate the same on mobile after finishing the disappearing card, by tapping the Home button, and then tapping on the card > ‘…’ > change visibility.

We used to have the visibility, last edited etc. (card more actions) displayed whilst editing but removed it for a cleaner experience.

What if there was a toast notification (as with junking a card) that said

Card removed from noteboard
Tap to view

I usually have Home sorted by random to resurface old stuff (still sad this use case has been made less convenient in one of the recent updates), so your suggestions wouldn’t work on my end…

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