What will be your SHINY NEW things for the App this Fall?

Why Fall 2023 is so exciting, especially for Supernotes and it’s users (Current & Future)

Hi there/Guten Tag!

Guten Tag, ich liebe Supernotes und ich weiß einfach, dass es ein großer Erfolg wird, sobald die ganze Welt es sieht. Vielen Dank für all die harte Arbeit und Anstrengung, die darin gesteckt wurde.”

‘SuperNoters, everywhere, are you excited like me, to see the app launch this week?”

It’s a few days until an ‘Apple Time’ event and the excitement is building… dah-da-da-da-da-dah!

I don’t know if they are doing a ‘Live Event’ this year, but I imagine this week will see them making Videos for it, anyway. The in-depth overviews of our favourite new tech, shiny-shiny!

Lucky developers may get to ‘Showcase’ their App at the event.
(Hey, imagine when next year, Supernotes wins an Apple Design/Developers Award & you get the invite to the big event? Wow! aim high, lads, you can do something special with the app)

This brings me perfectly to my question:

What will be your SHINY NEW things for the Supernotes App, this Fall?

What amazing things can we expect? Functionality, Themes, Interactions/integrations and other goodies!

Here’s the context:

When I open the box of my spanking new, luxury, shiny and delicious iPhone, I immediately place a top quality, HD Glossy Screen Protector on it. I also place it into the relevant ‘Torro’ Leather Flip Cover Case! (Those cases are awesome, they last for years, and the leather softens beautifully).

Then, once the phone is signed in, and all the admin tasks are out of the way; I love to play around with lots of apps & games: fingers sliding seamlessly over the beautifully smooth & glossy screen, little notification noises and beeps and chirps sound from the amazing speakers, and it’s this massive dopamine hit & like: Digital & Technological candy that tastes so good, ah, you know exactly what I mean. New Phone… into Fall/Autumn/Herbst - Happy Days!

There’s nothing more inspiring than playing around with PKM Apps (as we call them, now) and planning, writing content etc. The effect of Digital Dopamine Delights (D3©️) is so cool, so amazing and it makes it feel like the most amazing time of the year in the run up to: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas! I love it.I love it. I also LOVE ‘Supernotes’ with a real zest and sense of “This app is so brilliant, I’m always telling folks how great it is!”.

Well, I want to see the app do fantastically well. I’ll be quite happy to spray compliments around the internet this Fall and tell as many people as possible about it. I’m on quite a few platforms, and some of the articles I write draw quite a lot of views; so you’ll get some uplift in interest, and I want people to be as equally amazed as I am when they hit the site and check out this beauty of an app!

Anyway; I look forward to hearing about the future of the app and wish everyone here; developers and users a ‘Happy This Time of Year Is Greeeeaatttt… erm, thingy!’

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