When the filter finds no matches I can't add new cards, but I can add new cards if there is a match

When I add a filter and go to a card where there is a match I can add new cards that is automatically tagged with what I have filtered by. This is a great feature. But if there are no matches for what I filtered by I can’t add new cards. It only says “No cards found” and a box beneath that that says “Check your filters”. I should be able to add new cards in that situation I think - as I can add cards when there is a match.

Hi @tomgudlek!

You can still add cards when there is no match, even though the “Start Typing” prompt button is wrongly hidden (we will fix this in one of the upcoming updates).

On a device with a keyboard you can just start typing on your keyboard to create a new card with all of those tag, or using the “Create a new Card” option in the Command Prompt on both a desktop or mobile device.

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