Which programming language would you use for creating Supernotes Add-Ons

Hey Supernotes Community,
I was thinking about creating a library for easier access of the Supernotes API.
Now your Part, which programming language would you use for creating unofficial Supernotes Plugins.
Why am I asking this? I want to make the library accessible for the biggest amount of (potential) developers.
So, please write a reply which language you’d use, but if there is already a reply for the language just like that reply.
Thanks a lot for everybody participating.

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From a purely technical perspective, a plain C API would likely be the most broadly accessible. Most major programming languages have foreign function interfaces that allow users to call C code. Having to call out to C isn’t the most ergonomic experience in most languages, but this would be the most broadly accessible approach.

You could likely also use the esteemed Curl API for doing the bulk of the background HTTP protocol handling. I think a popular JSON parsing library exists in C as well.

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I think Python or JavaScript are good choices.

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Love this idea! Just wanted to chime in real quick and mention that currently the OpenAPI schema we’re generating is not fully complete / correct. But with the release of 3.0 we are actually migrating to a system for the frontend internally that is entirely based / generated on that schema. So after that it will become even more viable to use one of the many client-generation tools built for the OpenAPI ecosystem as a base for any project like this!


Love to hear that, but is there a release date for 3.0 yet? If there is I’d be intrested to hear about that, to know if it would make sense to start developing now. Sorry for my inactivity in the last week but i had a lot of school stuff to do.

Hi @jmueller,

We will be releasing 2.9.9 as a “pre-release” version very soon and that will include most of the big API changes so it would be a good time to start developing then – although generally the API endpoints won’t really change that much so even if you start now, should be a quick fix.


I would appreciate javascript, node.js myself.

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