Why do cards appear multiple times in outline?

I hate to keep filling the in-box here, but I want for this to work and I keep running into things that I need to understand before I convert notes to Supernotes and start working in it full-on.

I have a nested set of cards with parents. So C’s parent is B whose parent is A. So C should also be within the chain that starts with A in the outline. However,

C appears 3 times, once within each outline level. I think I’ve uploaded a screenshot to show this. You can see the parent-child relationship for one of the cards, but all three of the duplicates have that same heritage as do the others.

Is this a bug? Or do I just not understand parent-child and outlines?

Hi @chipbrock,

Seems like you’ve might have some cyclical relationships going on in your Outline, which could be causing some issues. Also I’m not sure I understand why you’ve added the card in the screenshot to three separate parents, individually.

If you cut the “pdf notes” and “0 why did corepernicus…” parents from “1 why did copernicus…” card, it will only appear once in the Outline. The power of Supernotes is that it is not like a folder-file structure, where a file can only exist within one folder; on Supernotes a card can existing within multiple different cards at the same time.

When you view a parent, by default it will only show the direct child cards (one level deep) in the Noteboard. With the recent “View Depth” update you can now view cards deeper than just one level. I hope that helps a little, do let me know if anything is unclear.

I presumed that I needed to insert the hierarchy chain, and not just the immediate parent. So that’s the issue. thanks