Why not have this community in Slack?

Can we not have these community conversations on a Slack org itself? It is something we are already used to & this might also decrease overhead for the SuperNotes team? :face_with_monocle:

Hi @sharmishtha,

Welcome to the Supernotes community!

Services like Slack (or even Discord) are great for ephemeral discussions amongst users, however conversations about important topics often end up getting muddled and lost in the channels. The other downside with Slack is that you will need a Slack account to log in, one of the reasons we moved away from Spectrum (our old community provider).

With this new community forum you can log in with your Supernotes account - you are not required to sign up and share your data with third parties. Another big bonus of this forum is that it is public, meaning anyone can read the forum, contribute and get involved. Here at Supernotes we are all about collaboration!

Regarding overhead for our team, since we have built this on top of an open-source service called Discourse, even though we host everything ourselves, it is very easy for us to maintain and keep everything up to date.

Hope that’s helpful, looking forward to hear what you think about Supernotes :blush: