Wider Color Palette

Most of the time, the current range of colors fulfills all my artistic needs, but sometimes, just occasionally, I need gray and brown.

Have you ever had such an experience? :melting_face:

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+1 at least with gray. A lot of productive/PKM apps already realized that gray can be a good color to mean something is “done”, because it mixes the color of the letter with the background, meaning “don’t read it”.

And I can say that it’s kinda useful for my job.

Not for artistic reasons but… +1 with more colors.

Previously, our stance was that we wanted colors to be visually distinct, so we always maintained a limited color palette. However moving forward, we are likely to introduce a wider color palette. This change will also include a symbol on the card to identify its color, improving distinction between day / night themes and providing improved accessibility for color blindness. Here’s a sneak peek:

Please note that all color names/values are subject to change, so don’t worry if you think that some colors look better than others – a lot of balancing is still needed!

I’m modifying this topic to be a feature request so we can keep track of this all in one place.


It looks amazing! Especially, introducing symbols by color to enhance accessibility is really, really cool.