Windows: Sync doesn't work after changing the color of a card that uses a template

Today, I noticed that sync doesn’t work properly for any card that was created by inserting a template.

Here are the steps to reproduce that always work on my PC:

  1. Create a new card
  2. (May not be necessary) Change the title to include a date.
  3. Insert any template.
  4. (May not be necessary) Add text to this card.
  5. Click Finish
  6. Open this card in edit mode again
  7. Change the color of the card
  8. Click Finish

Sync is in progress, but it will never be completed.

It’s also worth mentioning that I encountered this bug trying to change the color of multiple cards using multi-select feature.

I made a short recording (the quality is not that good, though)


After re-editing this card and adding text to it, it will be saved without any sync-related problems, but the color will be reset to the default (or to the previous one, I don’t know for sure).