Ability to change date created

Was hoping to use Supernotes from my life journal. But I have some old post I’d like to add in but I want to back date them so that the journal entries are in proper order. Could this feature be added?

You are lucky in that sn 2 just came around the corner with just that feature

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Thanks for sharing this tip! :+1:

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Thanks. I looked at that targeted a few times but thought it had something to do with a due date. Like a reminder or something. Thanks for the response, I’ll give it a go.

One issue with the date picker is trying to put in dates that are multiple years back, takes forever clicking through each month, plus the day selectors arrows aren’t always in the same location based on of the month has 28, 30, or 31 days. Is there a way to just type in the date?

Thanks again for the response.

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Changing this date does not seem to sort by it which is what I was really hoping for.

It looks like this only allows the card to be displayed in the Daily collection on the target date

Thanks everyone for replying on this topic. To bring this all together:

“Date Created” is a timestamp of when the card is first written and will never be modifiable.

In the latest release we introduced a new “Date Targeted” which overrides the “Date Created” and will then show you the card on the correct day in the Daily Collection, but at the moment this does affect the “Date Created” sort order.

So this raises the following question, would you prefer the following improvement to the UX:

  • Modify Date Created Sort Option
    (where Target Date overrides Date Created)
  • New Date Targeted Sort Option
    (where blank Target Date inherits the date from Date Created)

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This was a tough poll question. Honestly think either option would work for me but the added sort option world be more flexible for more people. But I would like either option. Thanks for considering it.

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