Add global or default "Sort by" setting

I almost always want to sort cards alphabetically, rather than last edited.

I’d previously (laboriously) set almost every parent card in my DB to “Sort by alphabetical”. Unfortunately, a recent update (not sure which one) has reset all of these back to “Sort by last edited”, causing me frustration every time I open any card.

Is there any chance of adding a setting for applying a “Sort by” globally, and/or setting a default for new cards?

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Thanks for your feature request @JamesT. We’ve just added this to our development branch and I can confirm this will be in the next minor release.

One thing to note, is that Home and Junk will still be ordered by ‘Recent’, a new sort order to discover cards you’ve interacted with recently, by default so you can discover them – all other views will use your chosen sort order. We will make sure to update the documentation as well.

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Nice! :heart:

I think that Home, Junk, Tasks, and the “day views” (Today, Yesterday, etc.) all make sense to be sorted by “Last Edited”.

Will the “Default Sort Order” feature mean that the current remembering of the selected sort order for a card disappears?

Yes the default sort order will be the same for all card views on initial login, as you mentioned earlier we removed remembering the sort order for each view in a previous release in order to simplify our API as it wasn’t being used much.

Our hope is that this single user preference will ameliorate your issues and be a good compromise, but let us know if not!

This feature isn’t working for me in 2.2.3.

After the update, I immediately changed the “Default Sort Order” in preferences to “Alphabetical”, but the default sort order for all cards remained as “Recent”. I logged out of the app then logged back in, and then the default sort order for all cards had updated to “Alphabetical”, but the cards are in descending alphabetical order. I’m pretty sure that anyone who picks “Alphabetical” as their default would want an ascending order.

Perhaps it’s worth adding an “Ascending or descending” toggle switch to the “Default Sort Order” preference? Then users have full control over their preferred sort behaviour.

Also, the Tasks, Thoughts, and the “day views” (Today, Yesterday, etc.) all get affected by this setting, when I think they should remain as “Recent” by default.

I don’t think the “Default Sort Order” feature will meet all my needs. That’s because I realised that I only need alphabetical sorting for the main Zettelkasten part of my knowledge graph, but my meeting notes don’t make sense to sort alphabetically—those should be sorted by “recent”.

So my dream feature would be the ability to set “Default Sort Order” to “Alphabetical”, but then for Supernotes to remember any changes to the sort order on a per card/Noteboard basis (i.e. how it used to work).

By the way, has Supernotes stopped remembering the view layout on a per card/Noteboard basis too?

Hi @JamesT,

Thanks for the in-depth replies. They are really helpful.

You make a good point about the default sort order lacking the descending / ascending option. And can definitely understand the different use cases. We did remove remembering the view layout on a per card / collection basis since it wasn’t being used much, and with the upcoming offline mode – this will be permanently remembered in your app but just not synced across devices.

We are conscious that Supernotes works best as a fast, simple platform – so with every release we review our current feature-set and try to make it even faster and easier-to-use.

With all your feedback, we will make sure to improve this in the next release. If you have any further thoughts or if anyone else here on the Community has any suggestions, please let us know below.

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Views and sorting remembered in app, across logins, will work fine for my use case, as it’s primarily the desktop app experience that I’m concerned about.

I’m already looking forward to the next version! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I still have the challenge that Supernotes forgets my preferred sort order for a note’s children after I’ve logged out. i.e. Any notes that I’ve switched to be in ascending alphabetical order, revert to being in descending alphabetical order.

Are there any plans to fix this?

Previously we weren’t fans of the additional complexity this added in certain places, but we actually have a new plan for this that we hope to ship with 3.0.


Thanks! I can’t wait to try it! :slightly_smiling_face: