Supernotes 2.2.3

Supernotes 2.2.3 has been released :tada:

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum, this minor release addresses some outstanding bugs and some additional quality-of-life improvements related to new features.

As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below – looking forward to sharing more updates with you soon!

  • Add new ‘Recent’ sort which includes previously opened cards
  • Add new ‘Reset Target Date’ button to Calendar
  • Add new ‘Disable Spellcheck’ user preference #1397 by @maxlinworm
  • Add new ‘Default Sort Order’ user preference #1416 by @JamesT
  • Add ability to escape the Cheatsheet, by clicking on it and pressing esc key #1405 by @jacob_epsilon
  • Improve performance of confirmation modals
  • Simplify filters – click on an active filters icon to invert it into a NOT filter
  • Fix manage friends dropdown not opening
  • Fix uppercase letters within tags breaking filtering
  • Fix dragging issues on Safari
  • Re-add ‘Mine’ filter as ‘Mine (Your Name)’ #1394 by @tinkerware