Add keyboard shortcut for "Locate"

I love the new “Locate notecard in the tree feature”, but it takes three mouse clicks to activate. Is there any chance to add a keyboard shortcut for it?

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It actually exists already, we just forgot to add it to the Cheatsheet!

[cmd]/[ctrl] + [shift] + e
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Excellent! I’m going to be using that a lot, thanks!

Is there a particular reason why it’s E and not L?

Glad to hear it. The reason we chose this key combo is to match VS Code (the editor we use to code Supernotes) which has a similar function.

I understand why that was your first instinct, but I wonder if that’s the right choice for Supernotes moving forward?

VS Code uses CMD + SHIFT + E because that panel is called the “Explorer”, so E makes sense. In Supernotes, that panel is called the “Overview”, and that section is called “Outline”, so perhaps the shortcut should be changed to CMD + SHIFT + O? (If you prefer to follow the VS Code idea of the shortcut being named after the destination, rather than the action - i.e. “Locate”).

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Good point James, this keyboard shortcut was a quick addition we added to the code that we are still testing. We review keyboard shortcuts before adding them to the Cheatsheet and we will make sure to do the same for this hotkey.

This does bring up a wider question about keyboard shortcuts. Previously Supernotes has been predominantly used as a web app, and so we actively avoided implementing hotkeys that would interfere with commonly used default web browser behaviour (e.g. “Go to Thoughts” is not cmd / ctrl + shift + t as this overrides “Re-open closed tab” function on all browsers). But this isn’t a perfect science as browsers have varying keyboard shortcuts with some allowing overriding their hotkeys and others not.

Now that we have desktop apps, we could do a big overhaul of the keyboard shortcuts to make them simpler and more reflective of their actions. Since our desktop apps don’t have to worry about conflicting web browser hotkeys and can use pretty much any key combination they like (except for those reserved for os-level behaviours). However this would mean that people who still prefer to use Supernotes in the browser would have even less desirable keyboard shortcut behaviour.

We’ve also pondered with introducing the ability to customise your keyboard shortcuts, but this will take quite a bit of development effort, and right now we’d prefer to focus on offline mode and other higher priority items.

Just some food for thought, more ideas welcome!

That’s a good point about trying to maintain compatibility with major web browsers.

Perhaps when you revise the keyboard shortcuts you could create a document that maps out your ideal choices, and see where those overlaps with the default web browser shortcuts. Then you could make whatever adjustments are required to balance the usability and memorability of the shortcuts, with the goal of keeping the shortcuts consistent across both web and desktop.