Add View Depth support to Parent Filter Rules in Custom Collections

I’ve been playing around with the custom collections, and am curious if I’m running into a limitation or missing a potential solution.

When browsing cards, I can set it to show several layers deep into a card to see children of children.

Is there a way to copy that behavior using a filter so that a 2nd level child of a card can be picked up by a filter?

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Hi @Itsben, good question!

Right now, modifying the view depth is only possible within parent cards. In a similar vein to dates, depth itself isn’t a filter type, so it is not currently possible to define difference levels of depth when adding a parent card filter.

I’ve modified this to be a feature request. It’s technically quite a challenge but we’ll see what we can do, and if it makes sense to include. In the meantime, you can combine multiple parent filters using an OR filter group to achieve the same effect.

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