Date Filters for Custom Collections

The new custom collections feature is fantastic. It allows me to naturally use supernotes for a variety of workflows that I had to somewhat clunkily cobble together with tags, dummy parents, and temporary filters before.

Sorry to throw a feature request out so soon, but being able to specify a collection using date related filters (created, targeted) would make them even more useful.

Thanks so much for continuing to make a great application, @tobias and @connor!


Happy to hear you’re enjoying Custom Collections @solsen. We considered that this would probably come up! The reason this doesn’t work, as you’ve noticed, is that date filters are entirely missing as they’re handled by the daily views rather than filtering / collections.

So, we have two thoughts right now:

  1. Add a new date filter type. The drawback here is that it complicates things, as you’ll be able to create dates in multiple places. For example, you could create a “Today” collection and also a Daily view “Today”. Updating collections between days also becomes an issue.
  2. Scope collections using daily views / sidebar calendar. The advantage here is that if you’re in “Tasks” collection and press a day in the sidebar calendar, you can then see only the Tasks for that day and quickly switch between days (or even a range of days). However, this is then an extra step as you’d have to click on a collection and then filter by day.

This aren’t strictly separate features, it’s possible to do both. However we’d like to make dates as simple as possible as there’s already too many card date properties :joy:


I prefer solution 2. Suppose someone has a custom collection with cards tagged “journal”. They could then filter journal entries by date or date range.

Or this could open up the possibility of filtering the task collection by “tasks with today’s date” or tasks “created the past week” etc.


I would love to see date filters - and would prefer solution 2 as well. With that you could do a quick review of cards created in a specific date range.

We had that in the forum before: maybe a combination with the heatmap is possible so only the days matching to the filter are colored.

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