Adding custom icons to cards / Svg not appearing within cards

1.) Are there any ways to add custom icons to cards? (in “Give this card an icon” section)
I was thinking of adding custom svgs to the existing icon collection.

2.) I tried to paste svgs into the body text of cards with no luck. After pasting the svg code into a card and pressing Ctrl+Enter, the svg appears for a slight 0.1 sec then disappears completely. This happens in all modes (dark, light). Svgs showed up well in Obsidian, so it would be a pretty sad loss if Supernotes couldn’t support them.


→ this should display an apple, but it just disappears in supernotes
→ I pasted the svg code above, but apparently it doesn’t show up in the forum either. This is a screeshot:

I got it from here: Lucide | Lucide

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Hi @noty,

We don’t have custom icon support at the moment, but if there’s enough interest we can look into this. Please like @noty’s original post above if you’d like this so we can gauge interest.

Technically you can add SVG’s along with other HTML elements within our markdown editor, however support is varied between devices so we don’t official publish this in our documentation. One of the reasons for this is that we ‘sanitise’ the markdown / html once a card is completed, to make them safe for storing and sharing. i.e. tags are stripped. This forum does the same, since you can share content with other users on both platforms.

Nevertheless we will have a look into better supporting inline SVGs as well. May I ask your use case for SVGs? Is it for some cosmetic flair or a particular workflow?

Yup it’s mostly for adding visual stimulus since they’re less bulkier to add compared to images.