Aggregate / Summary / TOC Cards

As SuperNotes allows for arbitrary hierarchy of cards, it’s rather common for me to have “empty” cards and store most information in child cards.

When a card body is empty, it would be great if SuperNotes could display a index, summary, or aggregation of the cards below instead.

Oddly enough I quite like parent cards like this to be empty, so I would love to be able to leave them blank like today.

Maybe there could be some Markdown syntax that you could put in the parent card that changes into a ToC? That way you could optionally enable this functionality on a card by card basis.

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Cool idea. This probably makes sense as a “Card Type” (once those are introduced). That way it is up to the user whether they want the parent card to be a normal “content card” or a “TOC card”.


I think it would be useful to be able to mark a parent card as a table of contents card so that all child cards appear in the contents of the parent as a dynamically updated list sortable by any current sorting means.


What’s the advantage over current sidebar hierarchy?

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I think @austinjaney’s idea is a great one. Currently it seems (at least, using Firefox) that if a parent card is in the sidebar/table of contents bar, it’s children will only appear in the fold down menu once you have gone into the child card (by which I mean, opened it as a parent, even if it’s childless.) It would be really useful to be able to see a summary or a snapshot of cards within the top level cards one sees in the table of contents.

Secondly, I’ve just been doing some reorganising: putting lots of cards in others, then making them “visible” rather than “priority” so that they no longer appear in the sidebar.

  1. I found this a little buggy. The visibility status of the cards were frequently sticky, or would show themselves as “visible” even if they were showing in the sidebar (so should have been “priority”).
  2. Child cards remained priority even when I made their parent not-priority. As I’ve said a few times, this generates a big hassle.

Still really enjoying Supernotes and looking forward to new updates :slight_smile:

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I usually organize my notes systematically, forming a hierarchy.

As you can see in Supernotes’ graph view, notes form a tree structure. There are cases where there is content in the middle of the tree, but there are many cases where it is not.
In this case, I have to look at a completely empty note on my way to a particular note from the Outline, and this experience does not help me find the information I want, but it also puts pressure on me to write something down in the middle note.

If there is a function to take and show the contents of the child note(s) when a note has only title and no body but its child note(s) exists, I think it will significantly help eliminate the pressure or disappointing experience above! :smiley: