Smarter Tasks

Hi @Fizzster21,

Sooo with the arrival of Custom Collections (and hopefully date ranges!) in Supernotes 3.1, much of your system can be automated (if you so wish). You will be able to have a “This Week”, and “This Month” collection which will automatically house those cards (you can even scope it to a particular tag, or cards that only contain tasks, i.e. - [ ]).

We’ve also been thinking more about adding a “table of contents” block, which you could in theory format to be a list or checklist. This would be the inverse of your proposed method, so you’d just open a parent card and write child cards. And then priority child cards would be added into the parent automatically.

Finally, you’re correct, you can’t create links from Previewed cards. This is a long overdue issue, and I’ve further increased the priority for us to implement this behaviour.

I’m moving this topic to Tips & Workflows and it’s an interesting workflow, and links to existing open specific feature requests :slight_smile: