Allow custom extension of markdown syntax

I have a feature request, that I think many power users would love.

I know that simplicity is at the core of SuperNotes, and the team wants to keep the note taking experience aligned with Markdown. I have recently been experimenting with NotePlan and found that their offering has many well executed ideas that could improve the flexibility of SN, without hindering the simplicity for those who prefer it.

Extensible markdown, which allows for custom markdown definitions to achieve personalized experience, while benefitting from the cohesion of other elements within SN!

Here is a great example I would take advantage of myself, but wouldn’t make sense as a generic feature request as some may love it and some may hate it! Hope you consider this!


Hi @fuzzy.beach,

Thanks for the feature request! Supernotes-flavored Markdown currently extends the original specification, as we’ve added additional functionalities such as checkboxes, highlighting, spoilers, and more.

Unfortunately, allowing for customizable extension of Markdown on a per-user basis is out of scope due to sharing and performance concerns.

Supernotes is a unified, accessible format for everyone. This means you can jump in, join, and edit other people’s cards instantly using the same Markdown format and shortcuts. Allowing for customizability means that cards might not render correctly on other people’s apps. Even without sharing, adding a few custom Markdown extensions could eventually slow down the editing experience.

However, if there are certain additional functionalities that are highly requested (such as the currently open colored text request), then we will try to find ways to add support for these in HTML, our Markdown flavor, or just visually within cards.

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That’s a bummer to read but I understand it of course. I’m trying to leave todoist and only work with supernotes because I figured out that too many apps are overwhelming me :rofl:

The feature in todoist to sort tasks by priority (and to coloring them) helped me a lot to focus on the important tasks first. I could live with manually adding colors though and manually reorder them.

Also, I’m not sure if I should start a new topic for this, but:
Notesnook allows for task reordering and shows the total number of tasks in a list, including completed ones.

While Supernotes wants to stay as simple as possible I think these features would be a great addition :blush: