Text color in header / body of the card

I know that you are working on a kind of formatting editor.
Are you planning to add the possibility of coloring text in the body of the card?
In fact I know that you could highlight in yellow due to the markdown syntax

Hi @isaiur,

Different colors is something we’d like to support, but that would also mean that we’d start to move away from the universal Markdown format that all Supernotes cards use and into a more proprietary one.

With the new 2.4 update we’ve added colors to card links within cards. We will have a look into this further after Supernotes 3 is launched.

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Hi @tobias ,
those colored card links are super helpful. Thank you for that feature. I love my new workflow and the better overview on my parent-cards with this!

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Is there a way to add color to text? I’m currently using HTML, but this method is quite cumbersome.

Maybe this can be solved by using custom HTML tags with shortcuts.

<red>Red Text</red>

What about

<font color="red">asdf<font>

Still to cumbersome?

Maybe can add a shortcut key. After selecting the text, click the shortcut key to apply a color, and click the shortcut key again to remove the color. And different shortcut keys correspond to different colors.