Android: Animation is a bit laggy when scrolling through cards with code blocks

There’s definitely something wrong with rendering cards having code blocks on my Android device. This issue isn’t related to the latest SN release, I encountered it before SN 3.0.
The animation when scrolling through cards with code blocks is not really smooth (don’t have any problems with animation when working with cards without code blocks). I tried to record that, but unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to notice that in my video :frowning:
However, this may be a device-related issue, and I guess it will be difficult to reproduce, but maybe there are other users experiencing the same issue.

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Hey, was going to post something similar for iOS - I’m noticing quite a bit of lag also not just for scrolling but also for typing inputs and opening connected linked cards. Not sure if it’s a stability issue. Definitely seems more prevalent in my larger cards.