Supernotes 3.1.0

Get ready for Supernotes 3.1 :tada:
Join us for the grand reveal at 12:30pm UTC today, with some big surprises. Tune in live:

After the premiere the complete release notes will be published here :rocket:

EDIT: Full release notes here


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I read thoughtful AI and I am very excited to see how that turns out! :star_struck:


unbelievable. bravo! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Great release! I got a couple questions about the superpowers:

I got hit with an “Out of superpowers, wait for them to refill” Popup.
What is the limit here? I couldn’t find any hints.

When trying to create a super-power custom collection, I got hit with an “invalid filters” or something like that. Is there a specific format the collection needs to be described in?

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Woo!! Incredible release! Annoyed at myself for missing the Easter egg :laughing:

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And here are the full release notes (I say full but honestly there is so much going on in this release I think we definitely forgot to include some stuff in here)! Thanks as always to anyone here on the Community or elsewhere for helping us track down bugs and make Supernotes the best software it can be.

AI Superpowers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) now commonly acts as an “autocomplete” in other software, which stifles learning & creativity. We believe AI should help you think more, not less. So we’ve created a new “thoughtful” approach to AI to boost cognitive tasks and learning. The first two Superpowers are included for free with Unlimited. 1. Vision, a notecard AI editing assistant, and 2. Collection Creator, which helps you create custom collections. More on that below!

Custom Collections

You can now save a bunch of filters as a custom collection, as well as editing the standard collections available to you. This makes finding and reviewing your notes a lot faster and easier. You can also share collection templates with others! Our filter editor is still in development, use the AI feature As well as generate custom collections using AI.

New Editor Features

We’ve improve the typing experience, so you can now add tags, emojis and card links without your cursor leaving the card body. Just type #, :, or two left-brackets to begin. Inline links are now formatted without the card’s ID to make text more readable. And images and Mermaid diagrams are now rendered directly in the editor!

Faster Share Pages

We’ve entirely rebuilt share pages and embedded cards. They’re now 10x faster to load (served on their own dedicated domain – and you can quickly grab pretty screenshots of any card in library. Just right click and copy the card as an image (it may take a few seconds to generate the image).

New Print Dialog (Desktop Only)

We’ve overhauled desktop printing. You can now print up to 300 cards with Ctrl / CmdP or print the card you are focused on with ShiftCtrl / CmdP. There are also new options to add a QR code that you can scan with your mobile device to immediately open the relevant card on our mobile app. Spoilers are converted to dotted lines, providing a great way to create self-tests, or you can unblur them with a new option. For best results please use our own Desktop Apps or Chromium-based browsers (Chrome / Edge / Brave).

New Desktop & Mobile menus

On Desktop right click on a collection name, card outline or a card itself to view new context menus that will help you get things done quicker. We’ve also included popular keyboard shortcuts in these menus, to help you learn how to interace with cards on Supernotes even faster! On Mobile you’ll find a bunch of new optimizations, including improved Comments, Timestamps and More Actions. Card drawers have been removed on mobile in favour of sheets that slide up from the bottom of the screen.

New ‘Interact With…’ Prompt

We’ve unified multi-select and interact prompts. Use Ctrl / Cmd + I to interact with a card or Ctrl / Cmd + E to select multiple cards. Multi-select is now out of Feature Preview, available for all users including those on free plans.

Easier App Opening

Open any card on your native app by using the new domain. Just append a card_id, share_code or better yet any compatible path with ?path=. The fallback will be our web app, so if apps aren’t installed everything should still work as expected.

Multiple Email Addresses

You can now add multiple email addresses to your Supernotes account. This is mostly useful for those who would like to add an educational email address to their account, so that you can get the educational discount without needing to change your primary email address.

Additions, Improvements & Fixes

  • Add Spoiler unblur on print #2064 by @isaiur
  • Add native Help menubar support on macOS
  • Add “print card” to card quick actions
  • Add right click contextual menus #889 by @epicmaster
  • Add Timestamp popover, so you can quickly see edited, created and targeted dates in one place
  • Add rendering of images when in edit mode, with magnify button #1119 by @Nordinho
  • Add open / close animations to modals
  • Add support for Safari navigation bar theme matching #2391 by @marlonr
  • Add ability to filter by parent cards #329 by @freisatz #506 by @nikita.korobkin
  • Add ability to remove parents cards in “Interact with…” multi-select prompt #1585 by @DunkinDonuts
  • Add ability to cut cards directly from the outline
  • Add ability to touch cards to set the last edited time to now
  • Add a “junk card” flow after finishing an empty card
  • Improve exported card limit to 300 #1044 by @Grunberg
  • Improve position of copy code button to be at the top of code blocks #2325 by @wldh
  • Improve Android app stability #2028 by @jsung
  • Improve Mobile app startup load times
  • Improve scrollbar styling to adapt with day and night themes #2363 by @wldh
  • Improve Telegram integration to allow addition within a specific parent #2320 by @NSJK
  • Improve Telegram integration to be more stable and reliable
  • Improve Daily view keybind to Cmd / CtrlShiftD
  • Improve Pinned Pane to support manual sort #590 by @rlivett
  • Improve Comments on mobile to be a more native experience
  • Improve Image upload prompt to be simpler, faster and more reliable #2080 by @fuzzy.beach
  • Improve Haptics with new ‘Haptic Threshold’ accessibility preference #1417 by @0cacc0cb
  • Improve ordered lists so they renumber when tabbing and moving lines #1539 by @marlonr
  • Improve internal card link pasting to support any Supernotes URL
  • Improve Share link format #2097 by @freisatz
  • Improve performance of real-time collaborative editing
  • Improve API /select filtering methods to be concordant with app filters
  • Improve Tag and Color Couplers so personal and shared distinction is only shown in shared use cases #2327 by @wldh
  • Fix frequently re-authentication bug, caused by non-4xx errors #2209 by @tkk22
  • Fix currently open card not opening on narrow width devices #2366 by @Fizzster21
  • Fix issue where a variety of requests would not work on the first try
  • Fix Toggle Cheatsheet keybind on macOS #2195 by @emeffinsteve
  • Fix Non-Latin card names are not supported in share links #2314 by @wldh
  • Fix Desktop app window appearing out of bounds when secondary screens are used #2204 by @artistro08 #1793 by @wldh
  • Fix Cheatsheet keyboard shortcut on macOS, please use the CmdShift/ #2195 by @emeffinsteve
  • Fix Windows app incorrectly handling some deep link urls #1664 by @marcmlyn
  • Fix tags not showing on long cards in preview mode #2359 by @JohnCP
  • Fix misaligned parent names in search results #2397 by @deadelia
  • Fix parent card creation within Parent Coupler #2095 by @freisatz
  • Fix parent cards returning after being cut #2122 by @freisatz
  • Fix errornous scrolling behaviour when switching focus #2129 by @freisatz
  • Fix mobile keyboard falsely triggering when navigating modals #2273 by @denleschae
  • Fix changing font-size causing text to occasionally overflow and appear cut off in card display mode
  • Fix bug where ‘Locate in Outline’ would re-fire after re-opening the Outline
  • Fix 404 Moon image not rendering in Desktop Apps
  • Fix joining so it works with new appended text urls #2437 by @freisatz
  • Fix word count for CJK keyboard users #2351 by @NSJK
  • Fix Universal Coupler and other keyboard shortcuts not activating on touch devices with a physical keyboard #2731 by @Fizzster21

Hey @Yannic, we put some (mostly internal) limits in place which we’ll probably expose in a future release so that you can keep track. But you definitely shouldn’t have hit them yet, so this is probably just a bug. Are you getting this error every time you try to use a Superpower now or was this a one-time thing?

Feels major. I love it!


I was spamming the Vision button a little because it took some time to load :smiley: But it worked correctly just after I got that popup. And I can’t reproduce it by spamming again :smiley:

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Is it just me or does 3.1 feel snappier? :slight_smile:

Overall, a great improvement to an already awesome UI UX.


The hashtag and the brackets work, but the colon just gets me a menu for emoticons. Any idea what might be going wrong there? Thanks!

Hi, jut got a question:

What does copy a screenshot mean? I cannot paste it the screenshot rather than a bunch of code.

Device: nothing phone 2a

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Hi @Vlach,

That’s the intended behaviour. The colon is meant to open up the emoji coupler so you can quickly access and add emojis to your notes.


Can you not paste it into a tweet or a message? Please get in touch with us via the in-app messenger and send us a screen recording if possible and we’ll look into this further :wink:

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Ah ok, thanks, i hoped it would bring me to aparent-selection:) Thanks

Hi @Vlach,

I was just talking about our approach to parents in a different thread. It’s likely we will add this in the next update!

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Great work, guys, So many features and fixes :+1:,

Maybe it is not a bug, but the collections that I create in the Mac app, I cannot find on the phone, and vice versa.

Thanks for the update and fixes.

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Hi @upsaad, glad to hear you’re enjoying the update. Yes we’re aware of an issue with collection syncing at the moment and are currently investigating this. You can keep track here - Custom collections don't sync.

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