Auto-pairing and indentation of code blocks

Hi, I want to ask something about code blocks.

  1. When typing 3 ` to get a code block, the other 3 will not be auto-completed, which means I have to type them again to complete the whole block. If there’s an auto-pairing, it just need an enter to be completed.

  2. Is there a way to use tab indentation with 4 spaces in code blocks? Currently it seems to be indented two spaces.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Terence996, thanks for the feedback. We will look into making code blocks auto-complete in a more ergonomic way, as we recognize that right now it is not ideal. With regards to tab indentation, we will probably not be changing that. One of our goals with Supernotes is to not be an infinitely configurable workspace but rather an opinionated environment that has the primary goal of helping you just get stuff done / written / noted. Too much configurability generally gets in the way of that (from what we’ve seen), which is why you see very few user-preference options on Supernotes and why we generally want to keep it that way. Hope that makes sense.

That being said, we are always exploring ways Supernotes could interface better with entirely separate tooling. Can’t say much here but we have been looking into something that would probably help scratch this itch for you (albeit not built in to the Supernotes editor itself).

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Adding my +1 to this

Quick update from us on this.

This has already been implemented by us as of the latest update, it’s even quicker – just do two backticks on a new line and it will autocomplete the whole block.

And as Connor mentioned earlier we have been looking into an alternative solution for preferences regarding tabs and number of spaces; hopefully we get something out soon.