Supernotes 2.4.2

Supernotes 2.4.2 has been released :tada:

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum, this minor release addresses some outstanding bugs and some additional quality-of-life improvements related to new features.

As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below. Looking forward to sharing Supernotes 3 with you very soon!

New Indentation and High Contrast user preferences

Whether you love tabs or think anything other than spaces is heresy, you can now choose which indentation you prefer, from tabs, two spaces and four spaces. We’ve also added a new high contrast preference and better screenreader support, which makes the app more accessible for those with visual impairments.

Mermaid Diagram Support

We added (partial) Mermaid support – yay! Code blocks that are specified as syntax “mermaid” will now have a small additional button appearing next to the “copy code” button (in the bottom right). This “sushi” button will process the Mermaid code within the block and display it in the Supernotes image viewer.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add Indent user preference, and choose between Tab, Two Spaces and Four spaces #1438 by @Terence996
  • Add High contrast user preference to highlight focused cards #1642 by @Pointus
  • Add “see more” button to card covers #1648 by @freisatz
  • Improve sorting and filtering performance
  • Fix random sort not functioning as expected #1651 by @hahahumble
  • Fix further issue causing cards to truncate incorrectly #1560 by @moose
  • Fix checklist styling causes weird visual issues for some sub-items
  • Fix broken Daily view heatmap header on small screens
  • Fix View Depth showing indicator on 1 layer deep and occasionally breaking #1646 by @freisatz
  • Fix sessions repeating the device OS version number
  • Fix share page styling for non-joinable cards
  • Fix focus not always returning to the right card
  • Fix cards disappearing from Today view after creation
  • Fix cards being re-sorted oddly if the user returns during editing
  • Fix LaTeX inline editing to handle errors locally, rather than letting cards error out #1656 by @solsen
  • Fix parent badges not appearing on children in certain cases #1404 by @daniela1
  • Fix duplicate HelpMenu bug

Thanks for the new release! :tada: When I visit Download | Supernotes, the page shows 2.4.3?

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Good spot @0cacc0cb, we got a bit ahead of ourselves there. It’s all fixed now

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Nice, mermaid!

Could you elaborate what you mean by indentation, or at where in a cards body this will apply?

Just what characters get inserted when you press tab! The default has always been two spaces for Supernotes, but now you can choose Tab or 4 spaces.

Where and how is that interpreted? Markdown does not specify custom indentation, or does it?

Yes, in general Markdown doesn’t care which you use. It is more about personal preference for people that are using Supernotes cards in other places / want to be able to copy/paste to and from Supernotes more easily while matching their other tools.

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Appreciate the release! (Especially happy about the fix for #1560 :slightly_smiling_face:)

One bug I noticed:
Opening a card in Preview mode doesn’t show its color anymore, it pops up as a white card. Only when editing does the color show up.

Hi @moose, glad to hear it and thanks for letting us know about the card colors in Preview! We will look into this.

Hi @moose,

I’ve just pushed a hot fix to the web app, does this work for you? We’re also building new desktop and mobile apps right now, and I will update this post once they’re done

Yep! Seems to be showing up correctly now for me, thanks for the really quick turnaround!

We’ve updated the mobile and desktop apps. The mobile apps will automatically update but you will have to update the desktop apps manually from our downloads page (Download | Supernotes)