Automatically deleting child cards when parents are deleted

My native language is Korean and my usage environment is web, Windows, macOS, IOS.
I don’t know if this is an error or not for other users, but it feels like an error to me, so I’m writing. I thought that deleting a parent card would also delete the child cards inside the parent card, but it doesn’t delete the child cards.
To delete a child card that corresponds to a parent card, you can either find the date the child card was created and delete it, or you can find and delete it directly from the Home tab only.
If this is the intended functionality, it seems to me that the parent card should be cleared and the child card should be placed in the Thoughts tab or some other prominent place so that it can be cleared.

Yep, that is the intended behavior. As cards on Supernotes can have multiple parents and the structure isn’t really the same as a file/folder system, we deliberately don’t want to be that aggressive with deletion/junking.

If you want to delete all children at once, they best way is to use multi-edit functionality (which currently needs to be enabled as a Feature Preview in settings). Once enabled, you can go inside of a parent, then press CMD/CTRL + A, which will select all cards. You then have the option to junk all of them at once. After that you can delete the parent and you’re good to go. If you want to deeply remove cards in a nested hierarchy (e.g. grand-children, great-grand-children), you can use View Depth to basically do the same thing. Just press CMD/CTRL+D before the “select all” step.

Although a bit more involved than automatically junking children for you, we think this flow is much better as it gives you full control over what is and is not removed.

Cards actually should be going into the Thoughts collection if they have no parent/children, if they are not that is indeed a bug. We will look into that!

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This was also an intended feature, I guess I didn’t understand all the features because my English is not very good. Thanks for the quick reply and have a nice day.

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No worries, always happy to help! Glad we were able to figure it out.