Supernotes 3.0.5

Supernotes 3.0.5 has been released :unicorn:

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum, this minor release addresses some outstanding bugs and some additional quality-of-life improvements related to new features.

As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below.

Card Quick Actions

Quickly interact with cards using the new ‘Quick Actions’ menu available within the Universal Search. From here you can copy the app link to a card, to paste in other apps, copy the Markdown or HTML of a card, as well as the ability to like, locate and pin a card.

Minor Fixes & Improvements

  • Add active Visibility filter inheritance for newly created cards #2021 by @meldron
  • Add inline Mermaid rendering option, in App Preferences > Customize Behavior #2066 by @hahahumble
  • Improve TagCoupler to sort by most recently used tags
  • Improve syncing reliability across devices #2033 by @hahahumble
  • Improve infrastructure performance and reliability
  • Improve performance of the Universal Search
  • Improve the display and wrapping of tags in the Universal Search
  • Improve magic paste to be less aggressive
  • Improve SIMPLE create card endpoint to allow specifying parent_ids #2067 by @isaiur
  • Fix Universal Search to not show deleted results
  • Fix Cards not being added to Thoughts when parent is removed #2034 by @NewHorizon
  • Fix position of newly created cards to be at the top in Manual Sort mode #2002 by @Nikitinho
  • Fix incorrect aspect ratio of profile pic in card member lists
  • Fix Calendar hover styles in night mode
  • Fix scrollbar hidden behind side panel drag bar #2007 by @JohnCP
  • Remove ‘Private’ and ‘Shared’ group options from ParentCoupler

That’s awesome, thanks for all your work!

When I go to Settings → API & Integrations → Manage API Keys there is a little lack, what’s new - when I re-autheticate and go back to Supernotes it shows “Generate New Key” and I have to wait till my active API Keys are popping up.

With your work on the Dev Docs is it possible to add “copy Card ID” to the Card Quick Actions - then it would be even more easier to build something.

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