Autosave cards every few seconds

Would it be possible to set cards to automatically save every 5 seconds whilst in editing mode? I sometimes have a card open a while if I’m drafting something important and it seems a bit jarring to finish the card and then edit it again just to save it (even with the command-enter double tap short cut)


Hi @daniela1!

Interesting idea, we could potentially do this, although we want probably want to wait until we implement a version history so you could go back and undo automatic saves.

If you are worried about losing changes, that’s very unlikely as we have multiple fail-safes to ensure you don’t lose your progress. e.g. you cannot close the app when you are editing, and we also cache the card locally while you are editing it.

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Losing changes is indeed my fear! Would this mean that my changes won’t be lost if, say, the app crashes or my phone battery runs out? Would the app reopen to that card being open in edit mode?

Yes, that’s exactly what should currently happen! This will be further improved once we add offline mode.


It’s great that you guys put some thought into avoiding losing work. However, that is exactly what has happened to me a few times. I would be editing a card, staying in editing mode, and when I accidentally closed the app, the latest edits were lost. I agree that having some kind of automatic save would be preferable, and would certainly give me peace of mind while working on my notes. Otherwise, thanks for a great tool!


Hi @rherikstad, sorry to hear you’ve lost work! As I mentioned earlier in the thread, we’ve added multiple fail-safes to make sure you don’t lose any edits. The app should warn you if you accidentally try to close the app while editing a card. Does this not happen for you?

If you decide to force close the app, then edits are not saved and is the current intended behaviour.

However, we do store the current edits to a card in the cache, and if the app quits unexpectedly your changes should be saved, like an auto-save. We will have a look into the possibility of making this feature potentially ‘more aggressive’ – saving your card progress even though you choose to close the app.

Also how do you like to close your apps @rherikstad? Do you prefer to close the window or quit the app process? If you prefer to do the former, then the following could be a great alternative solution. We could make closing the Supernotes window soft-close and ‘hide’ the app rather than quit the process. That way if you click the Supernotes icon it will immediately bring you back to where you left off.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m actually not sure what happened, since I have also seen the notification about saving changes before quitting. Maybe I just got unlucky and hit upon some rare bug?

For closing the app, I usually close the window, but I also find that I hardly ever need to actually quit the app. I think I prefer the current behaviour, though, that is that closing the window also quits the app, mainly because it is more transparent and in line with what I would expect to happen.

Thanks again for all your hard work on this!

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@rherikstad, that’s what we are here for!

It could indeed be a bug, if you are able to replicate this consistently then let us know as soon as possible and we will have a look into this.

Glad to hear that you are happy with the current close mechanic. If there are any other suggestions / features you’d like let us know by opening a new Feature Request here on the Community and we’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

I hope you end up adding autosave + version history on the webapp too! I did manage to lose some work by closing the tab before saving.

I’d love if eventually you could edit notes without going into a separate ‘edit mode’. Like, anywhere you can read the note, you can also edit it, as in Airtable.