Autosave cards every few seconds

Would it be possible to set cards to automatically save every 5 seconds whilst in editing mode? I sometimes have a card open a while if I’m drafting something important and it seems a bit jarring to finish the card and then edit it again just to save it (even with the command-enter double tap short cut)

Hi @daniela1!

Interesting idea, we could potentially do this, although we want probably want to wait until we implement a version history so you could go back and undo automatic saves.

If you are worried about losing changes, that’s very unlikely as we have multiple fail-safes to ensure you don’t lose your progress. e.g. you cannot close the app when you are editing, and we also cache the card locally while you are editing it.

Losing changes is indeed my fear! Would this mean that my changes won’t be lost if, say, the app crashes or my phone battery runs out? Would the app reopen to that card being open in edit mode?

Yes, that’s exactly what should currently happen! This will be further improved once we add offline mode.

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