Supernotes 2.2.5

Supernotes 2.2.5 has been released :tada:

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum. Although this is a “minor” release, it includes a number of brand-new features that will help pave the way for the upcoming Supernotes 2.3.0 release.

As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below – looking forward to sharing more updates with you soon!

  • :crayon: Matched keywords on cards are now highlighted in the NoteBoard when filtering #1033 by @yueyericardo
  • :zap: New real-time communication protocol for faster and more reliable content updates between devices
  • :file_cabinet: New drafting system always stores all card edits and new cards #604 by @daniela1
  • :arrows_counterclockwise: New editing history system allows undo/redo of meta changes (tags, colors, parents, etc)
  • :capital_abcd: New card font scaling user preference, with six different sizes to choose from #840 by @dmych
  • :rainbow: Card colors are now visible in more parts of the interface (parent badges, command prompt, etc)
  • Improve backend performance by 10-20% for all actions
  • Improve Command Prompt design to include some card content
  • Improve “Email to Supernotes” to also support CC and BCC fields
  • Improve editor performance
  • Improve API so you can send only markup with a PATCH update and we will generate the HTML for you #1465 by @isaiur
  • Invert “New child cards are private” Noteboard options setting for better clarity
  • Fix deeplink card_id inconsistency, use supernotes://card_id=CARD_ID_HERE
  • Fix parent card icon being oversized when printing
  • Fix clicking on a menu button when menu is already open now closes it
  • Fix cards not minimizing correctly in Seamless Mode
  • Fix sidebar / rightbar closing unexpectedly when the Command Prompt is opened #1463 by @wldh
  • Fix card preview glitching when scrolling and resizing window on desktop
  • Fix issue where breaking apart a list that was previously on the same line would duplicate the relevant list mark

First off, love to see the release with new features/improvements!

One bug I notice: the Thoughts collection seems to not be working as expected - the content in my Untitled cards doesn’t show up at all after the 2.2.5 update. If I go into Edit mode I can see the text content, but once I finish editing the content disappears again :confused:

I’ve tried restarting the app but that doesn’t seem to fix it either unfortunately.

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Hi @moose,

Thanks for your fast feedback, and good find on the bug. It seems to affect all cards that do not have a title, if you add titles to all those cards the content will be rendered correctly and still remain in the Thoughts collection (if they do not have a parent).

Fortunately it’s just a visual bug, and we’re working on a hotfix that we will push live in a few hours :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Will this thread be updated when the hotfix is out?

Thanks for the report @moose! This bug has already been hotfixed. Unfortunately if you’ve already updated your Desktop apps you will need to manually redownload from the website here as auto-update will not work (this is still tagged as 2.2.5).

Sorry for the inconvenience – we are working on an improved update system as part of the 2.3.0 release so that in the future you won’t need to redownload the entire app for small fixes like this.

Mobile apps are still waiting on approval, will let you know when those have been pushed as well.

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