Backlinks using inline coupler are missing names?

I just noticed that using the ‘[[’ inline coupler to backlink cards creates a link with a blank name. It displays the name, but it doesn’t show up when you click on it. Most importantly, the name doesn’t appear on the backlinked card.

It works just fine when I use the universal coupler. Can you try re-creating it or is it just on my end?

Yep, the “creating links without a name” thing is actually deliberate. You can read more about the purpose for that in this thread, but basically it is for “auto-naming” links. If you leave a card link blank in this way, the link (when displayed) will be auto-updated when you change the card name of the linked-to card.

However, no name appearing in the backlinks drawer is certainly an unintended consequence of this behavior, so we will try to fix this. Although I can say in advance I’m not entirely sure how possible that will be, because our search-highlighting system and the auto-naming system were not built with each other in mind.

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Ah got it Connor! it’s clearly been thought over.

and ok, i guess it’s no big deal. I’ll stick to using the universal coupler for now. also often, I find myself wanting to use different names when linking cards so I have to manually input them in the markdown anyway.

Hey @deadelia, we’ve fixed this now in Supernotes 3.1.3 ! :tada:

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