Supernotes 3.1.3

Supernotes 3.1.3 is out now :tada:

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum – this minor release fixes bugs as well as adding some quality-of-life improvements. As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below.


  • Enable manual selection of column count when in Broadsheet view (#2026 @fuzzy.beach)


  • Require “hold to escape” if Universal Coupler has been opened (#2515 @Yannic)
  • Allow backspace/delete to close the Universal Coupler
  • Greatly improve the reliability of our API infrastructure
  • Improve consistency when syncing recent changes
  • Improve reliability of WebSocket connections for real-time updates
  • Telegram integration authentication requests are now more robust
  • Avoid magic pasting when user is already inside a markdown link
  • Using the theme tri-toggle is now a local-only change
  • Inline emoji now starts at more appropriate times
  • Allow use of asterisks in markdown checklists (#232 @freisatz)


  • Reduce sporadic re-sorting of the Noteboard
  • SN Pro italics not rendering in webkit browsers (#2525 @taylor_venable)
  • Display card names in Backlink drawer when using auto-links (#2530 @deadelia)
  • Remove distracting scale animations when finishing cards
  • Fix issues with loading payment details
  • Require that pending requests are removed before logout is completed
  • Allow use of no color in duplicated collections (#2488 @freisatz)
  • Fix error when coming back from sleep on macOS (#2511 by @fuzzy.beach)
  • Fix some Vision requests not being properly rendered as a diff



Another great release, many thanks.

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I just realized that this gives rise to the issue that when you hold backspace to delete a lengthy search string, you will get thrown back to markup editing where you then start to unintetionally remove your card’s contents, which I find a bit inconvenient.

Hmmm, fair point, we will see what we can do to improve this.