Beta programm for new releases

Creating a beta program for members who are willing to provide feedback could be an interesting addition to supernotes in my opinion.

You could run A/B tests with the different users in order to receive feedback on different approaches. Or generally find out if the implementation of a new feature could be improved by receiving feedback.


Hi @warum7,

We actually do have a staging environment for Supernotes and will occasionally reach out to users for their feedback / testing of a new feature before we push it to live.

The reason we haven’t publicised this is that currently the staging and live environments are entirely separate, and have different databases. This ensures that we can thoroughly test anything before pushing to live – and make sure there are no breaking changes. We are looking into making this more streamlined in the future, so you could use the ‘Beta’ build of the platform with the live database.

Having said this, if any of you are interested in getting involved and testing new features on the staging environment leave a comment below and we will add you to the testing group before we push Supernotes 1.6 in the coming weeks! One thing to note is that the testing group is only open to Unlimited / Lifetime users.

Hi @tobias,

I’d indeed be willing to participate in the test group.

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@tobias Happy to be a tester too.

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Sign me up :wink:

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Sign me up too :smile:

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