Broadsheet the default view or remember your choice

I would like the option to choose default view to be broadsheet or possibly remember you choice between browsers.

Thanks for the feature request @fredmarkle. We’ve been considering modifying how your choice for a view is stored. Currently we save and sync your preferences for views only within parent cards; however not for collections / home.

To make this more simple, we’ve thought about just remembering your preferred view choice globally. So if you prefer broadsheet view and switch between locations (from daily collection to a parent card) or clients (from the desktop app to the web app) it will always be the same. This will also allow you to navigate solely within the graph view for example, without always having to switch to graph view. The downside of this is that your preferred view won’t be saved between parents – maybe you like one parent as a graph and one as a broadsheet etc.

So it should be saving my view choice for parents? if so, that doesn’t seem to be syncing. I updated a bunch of cards to be broadsheet on my work PC. But when I opened supernotes on my home PC later that night I had to rechoose broadsheet all over again for all the parent cards.

Yes parent cards should be syncing the view preferences, we will have a look into why this isn’t happening for you. Once this behaviour is fixed as intended is the current implementation your preferred choice?

Just confirmed the syncing is not working. I installed Firefox on the same PC and logged into Supernotes and none of my broadsheets were synced. I then went back to Chrome where broadsheet was selected. Logged out and back in again and all the broadsheets I had selected were lost. I changed them back to broadsheets, logged out again and back in. And again all the broadsheets were lost. Repeated this test in Firefox and same results. I also tried to change the parent to broadsheet and then made a text change to that parent card just to make sure it had something to sync. But still same none syncing results. I hope this helps. Thanks again for all you help.

Hi @fredmarkle, thanks for testing, that’s very helpful. We are investigating this on our end, and will push a fix in an upcoming update :slight_smile:

Sounds good, Thanks!. Also confirmed same issue exists in the Desktop App on Windows.

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