Bulk minimize cards

Brand new to Supernotes…a Bear 2 beta immigrant.

I like the card arrangement but I cannot figure out how to minimize more than one card at a time. My window gets cluttered and I’d like to minimize everything with a gesture on a mac. Is that possible?


Hi @chipbrock,

At the moment you can’t bulk minimize / expand cards, but I’ve made a note for us to look into this :smiley: (I’ve modified this to be a Feature Request)

This has been implemented in Supernotes 3.0.0 :tada:

You can also bulk Maximize cards!

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Are there hotkeys for this bulk max, standard, min setting? Sometimes, I quickly want to toggle a current note board (i.e. all the child cards of a parent(s)) between minimized and maximized. Something quick like the seamless mode command-\ toggle .

Please note that I usually do not want the bulk max, standard, min setting to affect all child cards globally. In other words, I often just want a particular noteboards’ child cards to retain its prior state (minimized, maximized, etc) w/o affecting noteboards globally. Could this be implemented w/o too much difficulty? I do realize it could open up a can of worms however, as other settings like seamless mode are globally applied.