Supernotes 3.0.0

Hi Everyone,

Some exciting news. We’re rolling out Supernotes 3 from today, with our official mobile apps publicly launching on the app stores next week, keep an eye out for an email from us! Connor and I are super excited to be sharing this with you.

The web app is already live. The desktop apps should automatically update. Supernotes 3 mobile apps are temporarily available to download for iOS and Android via TestFlight and Google Play early access while Apple and Google reviews our official versions. Once our official apps are live on the App Stores we will pull your access to the test versions.

If the apps break at all, please log out and log back in, this should fix any issues. Otherwise if you notice anything please let us know below!

Thanks to everyone here in the Community who helped us test Supernotes 3 and as always you’ve been credited below if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum. We hope you enjoy the new release :tada:


Tobias & Connor

3.0.0 Release Notes

Android & iOS Apps

Almost two years in testing, we’ve built one of the most powerful collaborative markdown editors available on mobile. Our mobile apps will be launching worldwide within the next week on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Here are our top new mobile-specific features:

Editor Toolbar on Mobile

Easily access quick actions and Markdown shortcuts with your thumbs, to make your Markdown editing experience even faster. Highlight text to automatically switch to syntax mode. Copy a link to your clipboard, and then tap the link button to instantly paste the link into your card. Add additional elements using the Universal Coupler and finish cards all directly from the editor toolbar.

Share to Supernotes on Mobile

Quickly share anything to Supernotes on your mobile, whether it’s a website, or a message a friend sent to you on Whatsapp. This is just the start of more bookmarking opportunities for Supernotes on Mobile.

Seamless Offline

Introducing a flawlessly offline experience, so if your internet connection dips or you like working from remote places – that will never be a problem again. Create, edit and re-arrange your cards all while offline. Once you reconnect the app will automatically consolidate all your changes in the background, even merging edits to the same cards from different clients and members! Offline mode works across our entire suite of apps, on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and the Web.

Multiplayer Editing

We’re stoked to support multiplayer editing within Supernotes cards, you can now edit the same card with all your friends and see their cursor making changes in real time. Perfect for planning events, trips and having meetings together.


You can now earn achievements for completing challenges on the platform, encouraging you to tag, link and build a more comprehensive knowledge base! Completing achievements will earn you a badge and if you are on the free Starter plan you will gain more free cards!

Card View modes

View your cards permanently as minimized or maximized. Great if you’re learning and want to collapse all your cards and view them one by one, or if you prefer to read all your content but not lose the interactivity of cards compared to Seamless View.

Manual Sort

Now you can go to sort by ‘Manual’. Once you are in this mode, drag a card title and drop it in-between other cards to move it there - simple! Combine this with the Minimized card view mode to quickly organize a bunch of cards in the right order without having to scroll.

Minor Fixes & Improvements

  • New “Accessibility” App Preference sub-menu
  • Add ?open-app=true to a url to attempt to open the Supernotes native app if it’s installed
  • Add ability to change email if current email is unconfirmed
  • Add persistence of various view properties back to parent views
  • Add navigating through Calendar by year by holding down arrows #1858 by @JohnCP
  • Add support for searching for Emojis within Universal Search #1782 by @isaiur
  • Add edit parent card button to Noteboard cover
  • Add ability to navigate to the parent card with keybinds #1761 by @fuzzy.beach
  • Add automatic injection of card link names if no name is provided
  • Add field search toggle to the Universal Search, to allow only searching name, content, or tags individually
  • Add ability to change the “quick couple” key (in Editor) to whatever you want
  • Add persistence to the Overview, so that expanded cards remain expanded #1867 by @Nikitinho
  • Improve keyboard navigation for CJK languages
  • Improve ‘Start Typing’ tip so it is shown in Seamless Mode
  • Improve Cheatsheet to be relevant for each platform and add Gesture section for touch devices
  • Improve Remove Icon option to specify name of icon #1772 by @Nikitinho
  • Improve the API specification to be fully correct and compliant
  • Fix card styling issues where some text would be incorrectly monospaced
  • Fix Referral ‘Done’ button not closing modal correctly
  • Fix long titles adding unnecessary in embedded cards
  • Fix code-blocks having unnecessary scroll bars #1810 by @freisatz
  • Fix next card not focusing in Junk after deletion / removal
  • Fix additional blank page bug when ‘Saving as PDF’ inside a parent card without any child cards #1780 by @hahahumble
  • Fix bottom sheet on Android not being fixed #1770 by @hahahumble
  • Fix “Restore down” button not showing on Windows #1828 by @Nikitinho
  • Fix user interface layout issues on iPadOS #1805 by @hahahumble
  • Fix Overview junk button being cut off on Android #1803 by @Nikitinho
  • Fix scrollbar being present on loading screen on Android #1801 by @Nikitinho
  • Fix on-screen keyboard disappearing when holding down Search button to create card on Android - Bug Reports #1771 by @hahahumble
  • Fix current card being shown in Universal Coupler results #1750 by @fuzzy.beach
  • Fix Cheatsheet being obscured when the window is resized #1781 by @hahahumble
  • Fix Sorting not functioning as intended with card creation in Daily View #1841 by @isaiur
  • Remove dollar, exclamation and equals as wrap options in edit mode #1851 by @isaiur

Really excited to see the release of Supernotes 3.0, hoping Supernotes gets better and better :heart:


Congratulations, @tobias @connor !



My Supernotes seems to be unable to open, even after I reinstalled it.

Whoops! You need to logout. Try making your window smaller, then refreshing, then logging out. Hopefully that will work.

I can’t logout :smiling_face_with_tear:, how to clear the app cache?

Hi @hahahumble,

If you make your window smaller so the toolbar is at the bottom rather than at the side, then refresh your app when on the Outline. You will then be able to select your user icon and then go to Settings > Sign Out. If that fails please follow these steps. Apologies for the inconvenience.


I can’t see the bottom toolbar :sweat:

I ran into the same issue on Android, re-logging in helped.
On Windows, the home screen looked like this (see screen below).

Clicking “Go home” fixed it, but I’ve seen this Uh-Ohs in other parts of the app. Re-logging in fixed that on Windows as well.


Same. I got the “Uh Oh” messages on Android. Re-logging in resolved the issue.


My Android Supernotes also has this problem, logging in again and clearing the cache doesn’t work either.

Hi @hahahumble,

Sorry to hear you’re having continued issues. Completing uninstalling and deleting the Android app and reinstalling should fix the issue as well. Supernotes 3 is a complete overhaul of the system for Offline compatability.

After reinstalling on Android, it works normal. How do I solve the problem on macOS? :sweat:

I had also the mentioned above problems. I thought I broke my app lol but saw now the announcement for Supernotes 3. After the update and clicking on “Home” it works now like before. I’m so exited to try it out.

Ohhh, I love the new markdown row on mobile and it has also undo and redo! It will make the work even easier. Thank you so much for this awesome update!



Clicking the view button will cause an error on Android

This should only be a one time occurence. If you’re having further issues please consult this updated guide.

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It works now again, thanks!

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Really exciting! QQ - how can I download the 3.0 version from TestFlight?

Hi @moose,

You can download the 3.0 mobile app here for iOS and here for Android, in a few days this will be replaced with official versions on the stores.

I have resolved my issue through this document, thank you Supernotes team :heart:

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