Can Supernotes not handle ordered lists with indentations?

I was trying to create an ordered list that has indentations and when I noticed that when I indent, the count doesn’t start over. And when I was done editing I noticed that the list didn’t have any indentations. It works with unordered lists, but how does this not work with ordered lists?

Also, for ordered lists, if one of the list’s text is long and wraps, the text on the new line doesn’t start at the same indentation level of the first line. It wraps underneath the number. But this works in unordered lists.

Hi @marlonr,

Yes we do support indented ordered lists, try and copy-paste the markdown below:

1. An item
    1. A subitem
    2. Another subitem
          1. A fine detail about (b)
          2. Another fine detail
2. Another item
    1.  Yet another subitem 
    2. You get it now, I imagine
        1. A fine detail about (b)
        2. Another fine detail
3. Final item

It should render as the following in display mode:

This is how it pastes in Supernotes

Ah strange that it’s pasted without line breaks. Feel free to join the original card here and view the markdown for yourself.

Checking it out now

Shouldn’t I be able to create an indented list like so:

  1. type “1.” followed by a space and then the text for that first item
  2. Then hit return which would create "2. " on the next line
  3. Then press tab to indent – which should turn the number into a "1. " from "2. "

…and so on?

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I see what you mean now, thanks for clarifying. You’re right this behaviour isn’t ideal with indentation as the number doesn’t reset to 1. causing it to break in display mode. I’ve made a note to fix / improve this behaviour in an upcoming minor release.

And with regards to wrapping, we’ve intentionally made the numbers in an ordered list be inline rather than maintaining an indentation level for the whole list item. The reason for this is that the numbers have variable widths compared to unordered lists. As well as allowing for a better viewing experience for lists with large numbers with our card format e.g. a list of years.

A shame that this fix did not show up in 3.0

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