Can’t get Telegram integration to start

Hi - when I go to add the Telegram integration Supernotes, the app’s not doing anything unfortunately.

I go into Integrations and click the Telegram Bot button just below the Email to Supernotes button. From what I understand, the app is supposed to try to authentic with Telegram from there. But nothing happens. The button turns faint to indicate it’s been pressed, but there’s no errors, or re-directs to Telegram. It just sits there. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

Hey @meldron, yeah sorry about this, I’m assuming you are on iOS? A recent iOS update seems to have broken that button, but we have fixed this and it should be available in an update in the next few days. However in the meantime if you’d like to start using the Telegram integration, you should be able to click that same button but from the desktop apps instead. You might need to have the Telegram desktop app installed. However once authenticated, you should be able to use from the telegram app on your iOS device just fine.


Yep - doing it on desktop worked. Thanks for that!

By the way, I searched for this issue separately but couldn’t find any info about it. When using the Telegram bot, I can’t get it out of “Task” format and into “Text” format, as mentioned in this help link: Telegram Bot | Supernotes Help

I tried interacting with the bot and using /format to see if an option came up in the same way it did with /mode, but I’m not getting anywhere. I basically would like the bot not to create a new task every time I append to the daily note. Anyway I can do this?

Ah yes, that is deliberate and those help docs should’ve been updated.

You can read more here, but basically when we added more functionality to the Telegram bot in Supernotes 3.1, we removed the format options as everyone was using daily with todos and cards without, so it seemed better to keep things a little bit more simple.

Ah ok fair enough. Thanks for the quick response.

Could I ask in what way you are using the daily card where you would like the formatting to be not todos? We’d be open to adding it back, but as usual with Supernotes we prefer for configuration options to be as simple as possible, only including them when they are vital for some workflows.

For what it’s worth, the reason we decided to force todo format on all dailies was because it seemed like a great way to encourage people to go back and review these Telegram-created cards at a later date (i.e. they would be surfaced in the “tasks” collection automatically due to having unchecked todo items).

As just a little personal workflow addendum, I use the telegram bot all the time and since the introduction of Custom Collections I created a “Telegram” collection that contains all cards tagged as “telegram”, which I’ve found very helpful. Periodically I will go into the Telegram collection, and use the new “Move” coupler to move stuff out of the daily Telegram cards and into wherever is a better place for them to go (as I mostly just use the telegram bot as a way to very quickly jot down ideas and thoughts when I’m out-and-about).

Well I wanted it as a way to throw a variety of things in there. I use a task manager separately, so to-do’s aren’t of that much importance to me. But in the event I wanted to remind myself, I would just use text substitution using two brackets to create a check mark.

What’s more important to me is whether I can use ## headings and divide things up so I can indicate to myself that something I wrote later in the day was a separate entry.

The specific workflow I was after was for the purposes of curation. Basically, I wanted to look over every daily note I had saved at the end of the week, and compile the best links I had saved and my notes on them to make writing a newsletter a bit easier.

I would also have bullet points that included any other random ideas and things that happened that day for context. Supernotes has a share sheet, but I liked the idea of using the Telegram bot and typing my takeaways and thoughts below whatever I had written.

Usually by the end of the week, I’ve forgotten the context I was in when I came across that article, or even what thoughts I had about it at the time I saved it. So I like to add these details in at the point of saving. But I don’t necessarily want them in checkmark form. I can just hit enter and put a few dashes in to create bullet points though.