Cancel `Hold ESC` when a new note has details


We have the “Hold Escape to Cancel” when we edit an existing note.
I think it would be usefull to also have it in new notes, with the conditional that ‘empty’ notes can still be quickly escaped from with a normal ESC.

I had it a couple of times now that I started write a note, added a tag to it and then used ESC once too often to get back to the editor, and accidentaly canceled the card.

It actually should be applying to new cards, if it is not that is a bug. However for new cards it only kicks in if the card has > 10 characters in it. This is so that it is easy to cancel a new card if you accidentally type a few characters.

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Do you count characters as body text only?
It happens to me often when I wrote the title and added tags and parent card in preparation for a meeting, but have not actually started writing content into the body.

Yep, we’re just checking the markup. The slight issue with considering tags (or parents, or whatever) is that if you have a tag filter enabled then a tag will be automatically added to the card. Likewise if you are inside a parent that parent will be automatically added to the card. So it can be a bit difficult for us to tell in all scenarios if you accidentally created a card or if it was deliberate.

Mostly this feature was added so that if you accidentally type something and this creates a new card, pressing escape would not require holding it down.

However, we can definitely see how not requiring the hold even after you’ve added your own tags or similar would be annoying, so we will try to improve this behavior.

Ahh true. I also like how easy it is to close an accidentally opened note. I get where you are coming from. I’ll just try to be more carefull with my ECS hits. :smiley:

It just bothered me yesterday so much because it happened like three times in a row while trying to set up a card :smiley:

Gotcha @Yannic, thanks for the further info!

Out of interest why were you hitting escape accidentally, were you doing a specific action like trying to get out of the Universal Coupler or just mistapping escape?

When I’m exiting the universal coupler!
exiting out of adding a parent only takes one ESC while exiting out of tags takes two ESC. I think that was the most common mistake I made :smiley:

In Supernotes 3.1.3 we changed it so that if you’ve already entered the Universal Coupler when editing a new card, you will be required to hold escape to cancel. Hopefully this addresses the primary cause of the issue.

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