Cannot do Japanese conversion in search window

Hi, I always enjoy using supernotes.
However, I am having trouble using the Japanese language.

First of all, in Japanese input, you have to convert the characters you type and press Enter to confirm the character to be converted. (Same as the explanation at Adopting to Japanese Coversion - #2 by tobias)

The problem occurs when searching for tags and when searching for Command Prompts.
When typing characters in those search windows and tapping Enter for conversion, no conversion is performed and the tag is given or the user is redirected to the first page of search suggestions.
I use supernotes on both iOS and Mac, and this problem does not occur on iOS, only on Mac.

This is a huge obstacle for users who use Japanese.
I hope they fix it soon, because if they do, it will be a great product for Japanese language users!



Hi, thank you for your continuous service development efforts!

When is the approximate schedule for these corrections?
Since this issue significantly impairs the user experience when using Japanese, if it takes a long time to fix, i’m considering switching to a different service.
Therefore, i would like to know when the repairs are planned to be made.

Hi @tanimutomo, thanks for following up on this. Sorry we haven’t gotten to this yet, we don’t use non-roman alphabet keyboards ourselves so it is a little hard for us to properly understand what is going on.

However, after some testing I think I understand the issue. Assuming I understand correctly, we will fix this in the next release.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
I see, I understand your situation.
That certainly sounds like a lot of work to debug.

I really appreciate your willingness to work on a fix despite the situation.
I like Supernotes very much and would appreciate it.

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