Supernotes 2.4.3

Supernotes 2.4.3 has been released :tada:

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum, this minor release addresses some outstanding bugs and some additional quality-of-life improvements related to new features.

As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below. We’ve decided to push back the release of Supernotes 3, by a few weeks to add a few more things, we promise it will be worth the wait – looking forward to sharing Supernotes 3 with you very soon!

  • Add missing default color filter #1685 by @Tokamak
  • Add removal of existing tags in Multi-select
  • Add code-block language auto-detection #1725 by @Appsecmaster
  • Add support for iPad delete key emulation (Ctrl + D) #1714 by @Fizzster21
  • Add support for deleting cards with Delete or Backspace while in junk (confirmation still required)
  • Add support for searching non-latin languages #1712 by @hahahumble
  • Improve support for IME keyboards #1528 by @tanimutomo
  • Improve ergonomics of triple backtick code-block autocompletion
  • Improve keyword filter highlighting to show on all cards (not just the ones in the Noteboard)
  • Improve search algorithm to increase relevance of priority cards
  • Improve code block action buttons to be more readable with overflowing code
  • Improve accuracy of “double-click to edit” mechanic
  • Improve automatic emails to have better formatting on different clients
  • Improve the performance of the Outline
  • Improve API to allow (and ignore) dates with timezone info
  • Fix card links containing styled text from preventing click #1731 by @fuzzy.beach
  • Fix auto-theming not triggering properly if the app was closed when the system switched between light and dark modes
  • Fix drafts not being saved properly on new cards
  • Fix ‘Add card here’ prompt in Universal Search not functioning as intended
  • Fix bug where creating a card within a parent and then cutting the parent wouldn’t apply
  • Remove “double-tap to edit” prompt for empty cards (as it’s not possible!)