Can't Add Cards in the Inbox

It seems like the Inbox is ONLY for cards that have been shared with me.

However, I often use a card called Inbox for all the quickly added cards that I’ve not triaged yet.

Can we have the ability to put cards there too?


That feature would make sense. However I’d be happy if the friends inbox and the personal inbox are seperated, in order to avoid confusion.

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Maybe split the inbox into two sections: local and shared?

Yep, a place for triage is definitely something we are still keen to add.

As has been mentioned, not sure it makes sense as part of the new Inbox, as that is for cards that you either need to “accept” or “reject”, and we want a good separation of concerns.

But yeah, definitely a “resurfacing/triage” view would be great. Probably dovetails nicely with this request as well, where you could have cards you haven’t triaged or cards that have hit their due date pop up.

We are also looking to build out spaced-repetition features, which could also work well with this.