Card content update failed on macOS

Description of the bug
Sometimes cards cannot be updated, but there is no problem with adding new cards

App & Version
macOS v3.0.4

Screenshots / Screen Recording

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The edit state and preview state will display different content, and the sync icon will always be displayed in the lower right corner


Android, iOS and web version do not have this problem.

And if you try to log in again, you will lose the newly added data

Thanks for the bug report. Is there any information in the 500 responses? Maybe an error code?

I also found that this problem usually occurs after the Supernotes App has been open for a while

Restarting the App does not solve this problem, only log out of the account and log in again

Understood. Thank you for the very thorough investigating, we will figure this out!

I just found out that re-logging doesn’t solve the problem, and the Android, iOS, Web App also has this problem, only clear the cache can solve the problem.

The problem is most likely with the Supernotes API

If you create a new card with the same content, does that card fail to work as well?

It will fail when modifying the contents of the card (When using PATCH method).


This is the content of the failed request payload, there may be an issue with it.

After many attempts, I have found that after one such occurrence, all subsequent card updates fail.

Clearing the site data (inside developer mode) temporarily fixes the error, and completely clearing the app’s data seems to solve the problem.

When will this bug be fixed?

Hey, sorry about the wait. We’ve been trying to reproduce this on our end and failed, however we still have some idea of what is going wrong, a patch for which will be included in the upcoming 3.0.5 update.

Plan to release that in the next few days!

Sorry again about the long wait @hahahumble, this should hopefully be fixed in 3.0.5, please let us know.

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Thanks, this issue has not occurred again.

Great, glad to hear it!