Carousel-like horizontal list view

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a list view that scrolls horizontally. Although the broadsheet view offers similar functionality, I think it may not be the best fit for a list of daily task cards. Personally, I would prefer to visually focus on and compare consecutively arranged cards by scrolling left and right according to the sorting method I choose.

(I feel like there was a similar thread before, but I failed to find it :grin:)
Thank you!


Hi @wldh,

Great idea! I think this may be the similar thread you were looking for - Presentation or slides mode. However a presentation mode might be slightly different since you’d only be able to view one card at a time and it would be larger than normal. Is this close enough to what you’d like (if so I will combine the topcis)? Or would you prefer a more dedicated carousel mode?

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I would like to compare cards for yesterday, today, and tomorrow by placing them horizontally in order. So, I am looking for a carousel rather than a presentation mode. Here is an example of how the cards could be arranged:

Card Depth 1 Layer)

Card In Order 1 Card In Order 2 Card In Order 3

Card Depth 2 Layer or more)

(The sorting method for the horizontal/vertical axes is the same)

Card In Order 1 Card In Order 2 Card In Order 3
Child of above Child of above Child of above
Child of above

Thanks for the reply @wldh. This sounds more like a Kanban view? It’s something we’ve been thinking of adding for a little while.


I’d love a kanban view, with children as the collumms and descendants as rows