Centering and resizing image

Why was the image resizing feature removed? Would be very useful to have that option.


Hi @antonyfrolov, welcome to the Supernotes Community!

We removed image resizing with the introduction of the new Super Editor in Supernotes 2. All of the previous editing behaviour had to be re-written for the new editor – which has been a huge task and we decided to simply remove this instead of re-implementing it.

The reason for this is that the previous method for image re-sizing was a bit tedious and produced inconsistent results on different screen sizes – so not many people used it.

We are constantly improving how images function in the new editor and just released drag and drop / pasting support for images in 2.0.2. We still have plans to continue to improve how images behave in the editor – so you can see a preview of the image as well as resize / align the image. It will come soon!


I can understand how this would have caused UX complications, particularly with different screen sizes. However, it would be nice to be able to have the ability to “collapse” an image.

I imagine that there could be two states of an image:

  1. Full
  2. Thumbnail

One could then toggle these modes. This would be particularly helpful in showing more content on a single page when a parent card has an image.


Here are some of my suggestions for resizing images:

User can use the |width syntax to change the size of images:

When the user hovers over the image, handles appear on both sides of the image, allowing the user to resize the image (modifying the width parameter behind the scenes)

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