Changes reappear after editing has been cancelled

Description of the bug
When I make some changes to a cards body, which I discard by exiting edit mode using the cancel button, these changes are not applied to the card, as expected. However, when I re-enter edit mode, the changes are reapplied to the contents.

Yet another cancellation followed by entering edit mode a third time eventually discards those changes completely.

App & Version
Android App v3.0.6

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open edit mode for some card
  2. Make some changes to the body
  3. Cancel edit mode
  4. Reopen edit mode

Screenshots / Screen Recording

Hey, thanks for the report. It looks like this is an issue with the real-time syncing cache (which should be cleared when you cancel a card, but appears to not be in this case).

We will take a look and hopefully figure out what is going wrong.

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I did encounter this phenomenon again, just now.

Thanks for reporting back. At the moment we are erring on the side of safety, i.e. if something goes wrong we opt to leave the cached changes alone rather than delete them. Probably we don’t want to go the other way, so really we just need to figure out what is going wrong in these cases. It only seems to happen in a tiny, tiny fraction of cancellations though so we have struggled to replicate.

For me, markup text I remove remains removed after re-entering edit mode (for the first time after cancelation), while previously added text is not re-added, as it shouldn’t. This behavior is consistently reproducable (Android 3.1.3) with new cards as well with existing cards.

This behavior applies only when connected. In offline mode, everything works as intended.