Changes reappear after editing has been cancelled

Description of the bug
When I make some changes to a cards body, which I discard by exiting edit mode using the cancel button, these changes are not applied to the card, as expected. However, when I re-enter edit mode, the changes are reapplied to the contents.

Yet another cancellation followed by entering edit mode a third time eventually discards those changes completely.

App & Version
Android App v3.0.6

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open edit mode for some card
  2. Make some changes to the body
  3. Cancel edit mode
  4. Reopen edit mode

Screenshots / Screen Recording

Hey, thanks for the report. It looks like this is an issue with the real-time syncing cache (which should be cleared when you cancel a card, but appears to not be in this case).

We will take a look and hopefully figure out what is going wrong.

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