Checking check boxes when using alternate markdown notation

Markdown allows to create a list of checkboxes using the syntax

- [ ] item

It is possible to write this in the alternate form

* [ ] item

where the - hyphen is replaced by a * star. When rendered, this amounts to the same output. However, while everything works fine with first notation, nothing happens when I click on a checkmark specified using the alternate syntax.

Expected behaviour: the status of the checkbox should toggle.

How to reproduce: Write a card with the line

* [ ] item

and save it. In read mode, click on the rendered checkbox.

We can definitely look into doing this. Though is there a particular reason that you don’t like using the - [ ] syntax for todo lists?

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I just need to import some stuff from existing markdown-coded sources, which use that notation.

One could easily solve the problem by going to the other (and most certainly more prominent) notation, yet it still feels like a bug that the visual interpretation for * [ ] is there, but not the logic behind it.

We decided to re-open and implement this in Supernotes 3.1.3 :tada:

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