Chinese input bug

When I’m naming a card in Chinese, if I press enter, only the alphabetic characters are typed down, instead of Chinese ones. Also, cursor will move to the content area, and the alphabetic characters are “copied” into it. See pics.

iShot2020-09-20 11.18.24

I don’t know what causes this. Will/Could the new version with the desktop apps solve this problem? :smile:

Hi @Myctery, thanks for reporting this!

When you press [Enter] in a title Supernotes assumes you want to go into the body of a card, so will move your cursor from the title to the body. However if you are using a Pinyin keyboard on a mac it will try to do both actions at the same time – will look into fixing this.

For the meantime there is an easy workaround, just use [Space] to confirm your Chinese characters and then press [Enter] to go into the body of the card. By having no autocomplete characters, the text won’t duplicate and the bug won’t occur.

Yes, with Space I could commit my characters.
Looking forward for your updates :smile: