Copy internal link to a card

I frequently want to reference a card in Supernotes from some other application I use. Right now, I have to navigate to the card’s noteboard in my browser, select the URL bar, and copy the link. Not only is this somewhat time consuming, it also results in the card’s date being updated. It would be really helpful to have a way to copy this link via the ellipses in the lower-right of a card. Note, this is not for sharing publicly, only so that I can get back to a card quickly when working in another application.

My specific use-case, if useful, is that I use Supernotes for my GTD project support material. I use a CLI tool for GTD and for more complicated projects that require details I use Supernotes to keep track of things for a given project, linking them together via URLs.

It appears that a related issue was created a few years ago but it was marked as implemented when it doesn’t seem possible to do what is described.

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Hi @m_distefano,

We have plans to make this better in the future. In the meantime you will notice that cards have an ID underneath them. If you prepend this id with supernotes://card_id then this app link will open your Supernotes mobile or desktop and display the relevant card in preview: supernotes://card_id=4ef314c5-829d-4e47-937d-20ef4c208ce9.

This is how the Raycast integration works as well. I hope that helps!

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@tobias how exactly can I use this supernotes://card_id=????

I tried to put it in my browser (Android) but Firefox shows a empty page and Brave doesn’t even know how to use it and it shows Google results.

I pasted it into a calendar event but it only gets recognized as normal text, the same happens in Samsung notes.

Have you checked that links open in apps and not in the browser. I believe on Android you can change this in the default apps within the settings and then be asked where you want to open a link. Generally these links are called deep links.

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Thanks for the Tipps. I thought if I put the link in the browser it would open the app as well but it might be just user error because I’ve never used a deep link.

I tried a bit more and figured the Samsung calendar app just doesn’t support hyperlinks in the note filed.
My idea was to create reminders in the calendar app for supernotes cards.

I remembered I had TickTick installed and it works how I had it in mind. I can create deep links (btw thanks for that hint, I wasn’t aware of this naming) and they leading me to the supernotes cards.