Creation of parent card on the fly goes boink

Description of the bug
When adding a parent B to a card A, which did not previously exist and is created in the process (see GIFs), then “things go crazy”:

I end up with a card the name of which is the concatenation of child’s name and intended parent’s name.

Or, I end up with a card with no title at all.

Or, I end up with a card that is unable to sync. Deleting that card will recreate it instantly.

For all of these cases, after clicking the create button on the universal coupler, I am then required to select any newly created card, again, which shouldn’t be necessary as I already decided that the new card should be the new parent.

Sorry for the lack of a better explanation, but I have no idea what’s going on.

App & Version
e.g. Android App v3.0.5

Steps to reproduce
Please see the attached recordings.

Screenshots / Screen Recording




iOS 3.0.5 and Windows 3.0.5 is the same behavior

I discovered it too when I want to add a link to the card.
When I highlight a word on an existing card and click on the plus button or typing the ‘\’ - it is the same behavior as shown above

Thanks all for your reports here. This will be addressed in the next minor update :slight_smile:


Not fixed:


Not sure what the intended workflow is, but the sequence of events above feels very off. Plus, B doesn’t sync, and reappears after delete.

Hi @freisatz, thanks for letting us know. We will look into this again!

Now this is marked as fixed, Ivcan confirm behaviour has greatly improved.

One thing that still seems a bit weird is the following:

Once I entered a new parents name in the coupler and confirmed, a respective card A is created. However, I’m still left inside the select-parent-dialog. I have now three options

  1. Select newly created card A as parent
  2. Select a different card as parent
  3. Cancel dialog

All three options will result in A being added as a parent. Option two will, additionally, add that other card.

Imho it would be more intuitive when the dialog closes after confirming a new parents name. Would you agree?

I see you followed my suggestion in 3.1.1. - thanks!

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