Custom Collection with No Rules Includes Junk Cards

Description of the bug
Card counter (at side bar) for a custom collection without any rules includes junk cards.

App & Version
macOS App, v3.1.0

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a custom collection without any rules.

      "type": "group",
      "op": "and",
      "filters": []
  2. Look at the card counter!


Only the counter includes junk cards. When I click the collection, it does not display any junk cards.

Congratulations, you’ve succeeded in jailbreaking collections! But in all honesty, we spent a lot of time testing collections and it never even occurred to me to make one without any filters. :laughing:

Will fix.

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Oh yeah! Mom, I escaped the cage!

This has been fixed in Supernotes 3.1.1 :+1:

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